Personal Rants/Raves

I felt that I needed a place for non-OT personal reflections, although all my thinking at this point is strongly influenced by my identity/experience as an occupational therapist.

Rant #1 – What are we going to do about the massive distress in/on our world? What has happened to “live and let live”? What has happened to (what we are led to believe was) a sense of personal responsibility for constructing a civil society?

Are those concepts that were not actually universal to begin with? Even if not universal, have they diminished over time (as it seems to me)?

I know there are still voices of reason in our world, in many different disciplines. This week my concern that these voices are being ignored or drowned out has just peaked for me.

2 years later (2017)…the questions have not gone away, just intensified. It brings me back to “critical thinking” and how little of it seems to occur in government.


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