I am Lynn Jaffe, ScD, my professional designation is OTR/L, and I am a professor emerita from the Georgia Regents University (Augusta, GA, USA) and currently teaching at Florida Gulf Coast University (Fort Myers, FL). My primary skill sets are pediatrics, research, and technology (still maturing in all areas). I am also a wife, mom, and, of course, a storyteller!
My first blog was at http://standalonewoeswows.blogspot.com/ and was more developed than otstoryteller and it dealt more specifically with distance learning applications. However at this time it is lost in cyberspace.   I use Macs & PCs mostly with Chrome, although I still use Firefox for Zotero.



  1. please forgive me if I already emailed you. i lost track of who i contacted…

    I’m a MscOT student at the university of alberta. Previously I spent 10 years in IT.
    I’ve just posted my OT blog aggregator at http://www.otblogs.org for my classmates and others to
    find blogs relating to occupational therapy. I’ve also organized the blogs by country of
    origin under the categories tab.

    If for any reason you would not to be on this site please let me know. I will simply
    mark your blog as private and then only i can see it.

    The idea behind this is to share my work so others can become blog enthusiasts. They can
    link directly to your blog and subscribe to your feed if they want to individualize the
    blogs of interest.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at joan.guetschow@ualberta.ca.

    Thanks for the great posts!


  2. Welcome to Voices of Occupational Therapy (www.voicesofoccupationaltherapy.com). This is a community website for parents of children with special needs, as well as adults with special needs.

    Writing for Voices brings with it several benefits:

    –Increased exposure of you to a wider audience
    –Permanent links back to your own website – automatic growth in your readership
    –Immediate connection with parents/individuals to help them with their own challenges and to know they’re not alone

    So you’re interested in being published on Voices? Be sure to read our FAQ and fill in the Contributor form on our site. Once your registration is processed, a WordPress password will be emailed to you. Then you can officially register yourself to submit entries to this site for consideration. Please share your voice!

    Jennifer Hughes
    Voices of Occupational Therapy

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