Posted by: otstoryteller | June 10, 2017

Critical thinking – Elder & Paul

The Foundation for Critical Thinking publishes multiple guides for the process of thinking. The aspiring thinker’s guide to critical thinking by Elder & Paul (2009) is a brief, user-friendly monograph. They identify 3 levels of CT. From less to more, they include:

The Naive Thinker, The Selfish Critical Thinker, and the Fair-minded Critical Thinker. The last is someone who wants to make the world better for everyone. Personally I would hope that politicians would have this as their core belief, yet from what we hear/read on the news we have a majority of Selfish Critical Thinkers running many governments in this world. At this time, in the USA, we seem to have too many such “thinkers” in the Federal and many State governments. This is shifting priorities and protections away from the public good and I fear how the earth, atmosphere, and the lives of future humans will be impacted.

The core values of occupational therapy include the promotion of health in individuals, groups, and society. We must seek justice and health for all.



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