Posted by: otstoryteller | July 10, 2016

Open Questions about US Society Today

I ask forgiveness/tolerance in advance – this post is tangential to this blog. I just needed to express these thoughts.

  • Have we lost touch with reality? Or are we just too insular to realize that reality differs depending upon who we are, where we live, and what we invest in ourselves?
  • Have we totally lost the concept of personal responsibility?
  • Do we no longer believe that the work we do results in the life we live?
  • Have so many of our schools been starved that we no longer educate all of our citizenry so that they can think critically about how the present affects the future?
  • Are people so brainwashed by television and other media that they do not see the bigger picture of what makes a responsible life?

I fear that too many of our children have not had an education that enables them to think independently (and that this has been happening for decades, so many adults cannot/do not think deeply and independently).

I know that too many of us have no idea how people different from ourselves actually live and what challenges they face.

I know that the media (all of it) portrays ways of living that most of us cannot even aspire to, yet that way appears to be THE way to want to live.

Yes, I believe the economics in this country are terribly skewed and need to be repaired.

I believe that people deserve an education and healthcare.

I believe people need to live their own lives by civil standards, but may not impose their values upon others who are living by their own civil standards.

I believe that we must recognize that the constitution was a document written in a specific period of time and must be interpreted in that light (as Ginsburg and Warren have each pointed out).

I believe that Congress needs to strip the ability to tack on amendments to resolutions so that issues can be dealt with directly. I also believe elected positions should have term limits, the same healthcare as the public, and no retirement benefits beyond those accrued during the time served (similar to any other regular job, and yes, knowing that many regular jobs do not offer any retirement benefits).

I sincerely hope we can find the means to increase dialog to resolve our challenges.


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