Posted by: otstoryteller | June 1, 2015

Reminiscence of Change

I’ve been reading about clinical reasoning today. I remember when occupational therapists first started using the term. It was a confusing time; anxiety-provoking – what was this new concept??  Then we realized that it was something we had been doing for a long time, but now it had a name.  Of course, it changed a lot over the next thirty years and is still being tweaked regarding what we call it now, how we describe it, how we teach it…

Then there was Evidence Based Practice. Another “new” concept that was not so new, but had a new name. Similar horror reaction to needing to learn about this new concept and then similar accommodation when discovering it was not as strange as initially thought.

I’m sure there are other concepts that fit this profile (sensory integration?).

I wonder what the next will be.


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