Posted by: otstoryteller | June 1, 2015

Personal Challenge

Once more time has vanished and my resolve to post regularly failed; though not as severely as in the past (months, not years). This post is more personal than professional (if you want to skip it).

Some challenges had come up for me that had me saying: “You never outgrow the chance to make poor decisions” (or something to that effect.  I used it for a few weeks and then realized it was terrible self-talk, so stopped repeating it.

I recall marveling at a fieldwork student (decades ago) who had such positive, natural communication with school children – it was a kind of talk I had heard of in personal growth workshops, but had not experienced a lot of personally. Hence, the marvel that it could be done so easily and by one so young. It still takes conscious effort to keep my general talk, and self-talk, universally positive. I suppose I should just accept that fact, just as I still need to force myself to exercise despite the lofty goal of a fit body. I guess it is similar to any other habit…just got to do it long enough to make it natural. I just fall back on the thought that positive thoughts make so much more sense than negative, why aren’t they the natural way for me by now.

I should (and here I hear the voice that says “Don’t should on yourself”) think of myself as in Recovery – from negative thoughts – and that Recovery is a journey, not a destination.  That takes a lot of the burden off.  Glad I came back to post.



  1. I can totally relate to this. Had recent vacation and was able to reflect on some of my negative habits. Trying to remember positive self talk especially at work where I get bogged down with the paperwork. Point of service documentation is still something I resist. “I can do it”. It’s funny how I tell my rehab patients to remain positive and I help them turn their negative self-talk into positive self-talk, yet I have trouble doing that for myself.
    Keep it up, we can do it!

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